Why and Who

Why and Who

When you love someone unconditionally, how can you deal with your need of caring about that person all the time?

How sad and frustrated do you feel, when you don’t give enough time and thought for that loved one?

That was me, Bárbara Ortins and I have found my own way of dealing with all this. My loved one was my younger brother, Guilherme – who has Down Syndrome. My solution was to create GINGA.

 The idea came after working for several years for the fashion industry. I decided to create a T-shirt Brand with a real ethical and social purpose. Obviously, inspired by my lovely and loved brother, Guiga.

The direct experience with him inspired me to highlight the qualities of ALL people with Down Syndrome. They have such a genuine, cheerful and sweet personality, that makes them just irresistible.

They are born with one extra chromosome:

The chromosome of Love

They also happen to be very organized and precise people. They love working and being treated like everyone else.

That‘s why at Ginga we detach ourselves from the frenetic workload of the fast-fashion and adapt our work process to their skills and times. Our creations take place every two weeks in a pleasant environment where our guys have the opportunity to express their creativity by drawing. In addition, they participate as well to the promotional activities, quality control, packaging and shipping.