How we include


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Design Process

The prints will be created during workshops between the Designer and the Down Syndrome collaborators. The best designs will be selected, adjusted graphic-wise (colors & size), becoming just perfect for a T-shirt. The goals behind their participation in the creation process are mainly 2:

- Let them enjoy an artistic afternoon, where they can express themselves artistically.

- Highlight the potencial of their art.

A small part of the designs on the T-shirt will be created by the Designer herself. It is very important that the Down Syndrome Collaborators and the Designer have their art placed in the same level.

Designing for Inclusion.



Manual work

Our warehouse is located in Basel - Switzerland, in an association for Disabled people called Wohnwerk. Instead of hiring a regular warehouse company or building ourselves a warehouse, we decided to take this opportunity of inclusion also in the warehouse/storage system.

We designed together the best way to store our T-shirts: red boxes for women’s T-shirts and blue boxes for Men’s T-shirt. Indeed, each customer will receive a T-shirt with a dot in red or blue, because of this system. We also added pictures and colored codes to make the process more visual and simple for them.