The top 7 facts about Down Syndrome to be aware about


Did you know that October is the official Down Syndrome Awareness Month? You don’t know much about Down Syndrome people at all? That’s no problem! Keep reading and I will prove you know more than you think.

I listed below the 7 most important facts about people with Down Syndrome we should all be aware about. There are actually many other facts about people born with Down Syndrome, but they might be all irrelevant if you don’t understand the following ones first:

1.    Just like you, they want to live life in the best way they can.

Even though they know their limitations, they want to live in the most “normal” way as possible. They wish to have an occupation, social life, love life, their own space, a routine... 

 Wait a minute, we all have limitations, right? From people who can’t afford their own flat rent, to the people who wish to have more friends, we all want to live a "good life".


2.    Just like you, they want their talent to be recognized.

They have talents and we should embrace them. Some like to organize things, some to paint, some to act, some to talk, some to cook, some to teach, etc. Each one of them has a talent and a personality that should be empowered.

But wait a minute again, we all have talents that are developed when they are embraced, right? Why is a famous chef, a famous chef? Because his talent has been embraced. Why is a professional singer, a professional singer? Because his talent has been embraced, too.

3.    Just like you, they need to be loved and accepted.

They also need to feel loved, accepted, appreciated by the people around them: family, friends, community, everyone.

One second, isn’t this the same for us too?

4.    Just like you, they need opportunities to develop themselves as professionals.

Once they are adults, they wish to have an occupation (Possibly, with something that they are talented about). They need to feel valued in their workplace, knowing their job is relevant and important.

Ops, again... We feel the same way about our professional life, too.


5.    Just like you, they have dreams and hopes.

From having a family, to becoming the next football player, they also have all sorts of dreams. Some might be silly, like becoming an Astronaut, but some are possible to get, for example: living alone, or having a life partner, succeeding in a job, even becoming a celebrity.

 Guess what? The same applies to us, too.


6.    Just like you, they like to have fun.

Now, this might sound obvious, but how can someone have fun and enjoy a moment, if they don’t feel welcomed by the people around? Or if someone is treated differently in a way they don’t like? How can a person have fun, if they have no social life? If he feels constantly a little bit excluded?

I guess I feel the same way, and you might as well.


7.    Just like you, they feel proud and fulfilled when they achieve a goal.

Lastly, they feel happy and proud of themselves if they did something correctly or really good, especially when this has been a challenge at first. This happiness might even double, if someone else recognizes and congratulate him for it.

Again, this is the same with us.


Maybe this article was the most obvious and boring I have ever written.

Or maybe not, because most people forget that those are human beings with feelings, hopes, and wishes, in the first place. Besides the specific facts about the Syndrome they have, or their limitations on certain things (and again, who doesn’t have limitations?), they are people like all of us.

They deserve to be understood, appreciated and treated the best possible way. Which would be to be treated EQUAL.