5 Down Syndrome Stars to be inspired by

Today I will share with you a few talented people who I personally like and that I feel inspired by. They are rocking out there showing the world how highly capable people with Down Syndrom turn out to be. It just makes me so happy to see more people in the same mission of Ginga and doing an excellent job!

They are artists, entertainers, businessman, photographers, bartenders, models, and much more. There are really no limits! Besides being incredibly talented and nice, they have something else in common: they have the support and full trust from the people close to them.

I invite you to give more votes of confidence to the people around you, whether they have Down Syndrom or not, the result will be amazing.

In this small list below, you will see different positive results of the same formula:

Talent + Support + Trust = Genuine Happiness

♥ Let them inspire you too! ♥

1. John Crazy Socks

This funny socks brand has the same mission as Ginga \o/\o/

The company is run by John Lee Cronin and his father. John has Down Syndrom and this didn’t stop him to run one of the biggest and most socially innovative socks brands in the US!

Their socks are a result of an inclusive approach.

✓ Same here!

2. #Notjustdown

A lovely blog from Tabea and Marian. Marian has Down Syndrom and has inspired his sister Tabea to create an initiative for more open and unprejudiced treatment of people with Down syndrom.

They aim to show how enriching people with Down Syndrom are.

✓ Same here!

3. Downs & Towns

Houston Vandergriff is a talented Photographer with Down Syndrom traveling the world taking pictures. What else to say? He is definitely lucky for doing what he loves and spreading his art around!

He’s showing his art around the world!

✓ Same here!

4. Cacai Bauer

She is one of the biggest digital influencers with Down Syndrom in Brazil. She has a youtube channel with over 200k subscribers. She is a real talent in the entertainment industry! She comes from the same small village in Bahia - Brazil (as I do) and see her growing and showing her exceptional talent is a real honor!

From Brazil to the world!

✓ Same here!

5. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee

Founded by Amy Wright in 2016, they are a coffee chain that employes people with special needs. Amy’s two suns Bitty & Beau have Down Syndrom. Their customers have the luck to experience the positive energy of people with Down Syndrome while they have a great cup of coffee. Lucky, we see more and more often places that employes people with Down Syndrom and other special needs.

It’s definitely more than just a cup of coffee.

✓ Same here! (more than just a T-shirt)

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