DESIGNs for a happy day!


You are a Business and you love our mission and message, but you are not in the T-shirt industry?

No problem! We can work together to spread the INCLUSION anyways.

We can create an exclusive design just for your company or for your product!

Check it out below the perfect example!


The Swiss Skater Shop Doodah asked for a special design to honor an old friend and professional skater, Chris Rediger.

The designer to develop this project was (of course) Jürg, Chris brother.

The result was a beautiful skateboard and a lot of happiness!

Check it out!


Collaboration with Doodah / Video by Christian Taro/ Music by Frank Powers

The skateboard


How does it work in 4 steps

Step 1

You have a product and want to add a great and inclusive design

Step 2

We create the drawings in our artistic workshops with our Down Syndrom collaborators

Step 3

You will be provided with the best design proposals we created

Step 4

You pick the best design and we prepare the digital files


✓ You will get an exclusive design tailored for your product

✓ You will show your customers the great cause you help to support

✓ We will share our collaboration in our social media